Gigs Abound!

It seems like quite a busy time for me. I gave a recital about 10 days ago that was a HUGE success (recordings will come sometime in October). Northern Darling continues to gig frequently in Minneapolis and St. Paul. And my Klezmer duo with accordionist Ben Williams is having our first public performance this Friday at the Underground Music Cafe in St. Paul, just in time to finish out the celebration of Rosh Hashanah.

If you’re in the Minneapolis / St. Paul area and are looking for a little bassoon in your life, check my calendar for performance dates.

On Effects

So I get this question a lot. “After I get a Little-Jake, what kinds of effects should I get?” Usually this is coupled with a question about amplifiers as well, which I’ve covered in another post. Effects are a giant rabbit hole you can jump down. Guitar players know this, as there are dozens of online forums and reviews sites dedicated to those metal or plastic things on the floor sometimes called “stomp boxes”. You can see some old blog posts of mine talking about certain revisions of pedal boards that I’ve used over the years. It doesn’t seem to get much better.

So anyway, here’s some general information on effects with specific guidelines on what I’ve found works well with the bassoon. (more…)

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