A native of Owatonna, Minnesota, Dr. Trent Jacobs completed DMA and MM degrees from the University of Illinois and received his bachelor’s degree from Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Dr. Jacobs currently serves on the faculty at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire as instructor of bassoon and music theory, and the University of Wisconsin Superior. Trent is an innovator on the bassoon, expanding the possibilities of the instrument as a solo voice through amplification and effects processing. As the creator of the “Little-Jake” electric bassoon pickup he actively pursues non-standard performance and compositional opportunities to use these innovations. Trent’s musical interests are unique and varied, having a performance history of jazz guitar and barbershop quartet singing as well as a strong commitment to the performance of contemporary and improvised classical music. Trent makes Weasel bassoon and contrabassoon reeds and teaches bassoon playing and reed making out of his private studio.

My Curriculum Vitae

My DMA dissertation: Elements of Jazz in Bassoon Solo Repertoire.