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Reeds and Cane

Finished and ready to play. A custom shape with a vibrant sound and easy response.

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Bassoon reeds $24 + s/h

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My standard shape for contrabassoon reeds. Easy and free blowing, great for beginners and seasoned players on most instruments.

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Contrabassoon reeds F2 shape $28 + s/h

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A narrower and straighter shape, a bit longer, more focused with a “brighter” sound.

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Contrabassoon reeds F1 shape $28 + s/h

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The same cane I use for my reeds. 116mm long, with 30mm profiled blade. Suggested measurements and more info in the link below.

Gouged, shaped and profiled cane, 10 pieces

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$50 + s/h

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Music and Accessories

The new edition of 42 Caprices by Etienne Ozi, with duet parts. Full score spiral bound, and separate parts included.

$42 (shipping included)

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Purchase decks of Daily Scales cards.

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$15 + s/h

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Purchase a Little-Jake wind instrument pickup.

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$99 (shipping included when purchased alone)

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