Reeds and Cane

Handmade professional quality bassoon reeds.

Vibrant, responsive, in tune. Made with a custom shape. Finished and ready to play. $24

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Canadian customers, please contact me for pricing as shipping rates are different outside of the US.

Gouged, Shaped, and Profiled cane

Custom shape at 116mm, and profile designed to be easy to work with. Sold in bundles of 10, shipping included in price. $50

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Suggested wire measurements: 32mm and 40mm from the fold, 3rd wire at 4.5mm from the end.

Contra reeds.

Fox F2 shape (a slightly smaller version of the Rieger K2) produces a free and easy blowing reed with a rich sound. $28

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I ream these to fit a Heckel/Fox bocal. If you play a Mollenhauer bocal or other bocal with a smaller end, let me know and I won’t ream them so much.

New contra shape now available. Send me a message! More details coming soon!

Reeds are shipped using USPS First Class shipping with a flat charge of $5.50 per order for orders in the USA.

Canadian customers and other international customers, please contact me for shipping quotes, as standard rates to Canada have jumped significantly.

>In May of 2017 I was diagnosed with stage 2 esophageal cancer.<
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At times treatment may effect time to fulfill orders. Thank you for your understanding.

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37 Final Shade

“I … only get to play bassoon as an amateur. These reeds have brought back my joy and desire to make the time to play. Thank You! I have not found anything close to the reeds that you make.”
-T.L. in Pennsylvania

“…as soon as I took them out of my reed water, the reeds were absolutely amazing. They produced a smooth and consistent sound on my contrabassoon that I haven’t had from any other reeds … the even-ness in tone quality between registers was just so awesome. I can’t even express how much I love these contrabassoon reeds.”
– L.S. in Australia

“The best out of the box I have ever used.”
– W.D. in Oregon

“The five Weasel reeds I’ve played so far have been the most consistently high quality of any that I’ve tried, no contest, and all of them have ended up in regular rotation with a minimum of adjustment. I’ve spent a lot of money trying other commercial reeds that were unusable, so it’s been both a surprise and a huge relief to find a source where every reed I buy is genuinely enjoyable to play right out of the box.”

-N.E. in California