L.R. Baggs Gigpro

The Little Jake requires a preamp, which can be a wide number of things.  To make things easy on most bassoonists I work with someone from Chicago that makes a very simple preamp housed in an Altoids tin with a belt clip that provides the necessary impedance buffer and signal boost in a compact package.  There are some EQ problems with it depending on your rig though – as it’s a very bass heavy signal.  I temper that preamp with an EQ pedal or just at my amp.

Most of the time I prefer to use a slightly more expensive belt clip preamp made by L.R. Baggs called the GigPro.  For about $100USD it provides a similar impedance buffer and drive that the Little Jake needs, but also provides gain and volume controls and a two band EQ along with a “trim” that can help avoid any extra boomy-ness.  Here are my settings that I use with this and my rig.  It changes slightly sometimes, but basically this is it:


Click to view the image a little larger.  I’ve added red lines to clarify where the Trim, Bass, and Treble knobs are pointing, since it doesn’t photograph well.  If anyone is using the Little Jake and wants to try it out, this can be purchased at many music stores both locally and online.

C2 Goldbrass

My favorite bocal at MMI was a Heckel C with the goldbrass alloy. When Shawn Mouser, principal of the L.A. Phil wanted bocals on a trial I recommended it. He took 3 CC2 bocals and this one C2. I told him he’d like it. That week he played Mahler 1 on Dudamel’s debut concert on that C2 bocal and is buying it. How neat is that?

Old Soundfiles

Just an FYI, many of the older posts here contain sound files that were hosted on an ISP provided web space before I moved to Minneosta.  Any posts before July 15 2009 are probably missing the audio file.  Many of these, especially if they were demos of my gear or whatever are gone forever as I didn’t keep a copy lying around.  Such is life.  I’m switching to a different mp3 hosting service that won’t die if and when I move to a different ISP again.

The pictures should still be fine.

Magnetrons first real night out

Played to a small crowd at Station 4 in Lowertown St. Paul last night.  We’ve made real progress since I first joined the group in July.  I feel like I add the formal musical sensibility and organizational brain to help Dave write the music, making things more concise from a classical/jazz theoretical background.  Anyway, the crowd seemed to dig what we were doing, and I got many comments on my electric bassoon playing.  Somebody took some pictures but I never found out who they were.  If they show up anywhere I’ll post them here.  We also got a room recording of the night, so if that came out well I’ll post some sound clips.

I left the venue a little after 1am, and found that 35W southbound was closed for a 4 mile stretch around where I live, so I couldn’t take my normal route home.  I had so much adrenaline that I didn’t really sleep last night either.  Very sleepy all through work.

We hopefully have another show at the same venue lined up for November 13.  Probably will do a similar set, maybe one or two things slightly different.

Really enjoyed the two other groups that played: Thought Thieves with their synthy goodness and Blood Root Mother with a classic bluesy and earthy rock sound.

Update: Pictures!

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