Harmonic flagolet key for bassoon bocal (high G key)

I had Eric Anderson at Midwest Musical Imports custom design and build this mechanism for a Wolf bocal that I have. The idea was to create a key that opens a pinhole drilled in the bocal, operated by the right hand, and have the entire mechanism completely independent of the rest of the bassoon.


New gear roundup


Into this:

Turn the bass down to 2 on the guiar amp and the treble down to 2 on the bass amp (high frequency horn off) and the sound is super huge, full range, loads of crushing bass when I want it from the HOG or the newest addition, the Pigtronix Mothership

Fun with Electro-Harmonix

Heavily modified my Frequency Analyzer to utilize a single installed jack to function as either an expression pedal input(without expression pedal in the FA is just as normal) or a Carrier In depending on the position of a switch.  The Carrier needs to be a line level, so I needed a boost circuit built into the pedal, so there’s a dial to control the amount of boost if needed from an instrument input.

So low and behold, the Frequency Analyzer with Selectable Expression Pedal or CV Input jack, toggle and pad to accommodate various CV input levels and automatic link of Input signal to Carrier.  With LED.


C2 Goldbrass

My favorite bocal at MMI was a Heckel C with the goldbrass alloy. When Shawn Mouser, principal of the L.A. Phil wanted bocals on a trial I recommended it. He took 3 CC2 bocals and this one C2. I told him he’d like it. That week he played Mahler 1 on Dudamel’s debut concert on that C2 bocal and is buying it. How neat is that?

Getting your (tone) holes reamed by a master

Here are some pictures of Bernd Moosmann opening up two tone holes of my Moosmann 222A bassoon on the show room floor of IDRS 2008.  Somebody nearby said “Here, I’ll distract him while you work,” but I wanted to take pictures.

Me with the Moosmanns

Me with the Moosmanns

Who better to do this kind of thing than the guy that made the bassoon in the first place, right?

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