Fun with Electro-Harmonix

Heavily modified my Frequency Analyzer to utilize a single installed jack to function as either an expression pedal input(without expression pedal in the FA is just as normal) or a Carrier In depending on the position of a switch.  The Carrier needs to be a line level, so I needed a boost circuit built into the pedal, so there’s a dial to control the amount of boost if needed from an instrument input.

So low and behold, the Frequency Analyzer with Selectable Expression Pedal or CV Input jack, toggle and pad to accommodate various CV input levels and automatic link of Input signal to Carrier.  With LED.


Meatball clone is done!!!

I’m so glad to have this project finished.  Sounds great so far, although I can’t get the expression pedals to work quite right and I haven’t tried it with bassoon yet.



on the board

hand drawn



The first thing a guy does with a new toy…

Is take it apart!

I’m utterly confused why EHX hasn’t been putting LED indicators in the Frequency Analyzer all these years.  They are just now coming out with a new model that does, but the one I got is the giant box that you typically see.  But I knew you could add an LED pretty easy, so with some help from some Harmony Central guys I wired up a pale green LED in the chassis of my crazy sound box.

gut shot

gut shot - look at all that wasted space!

Outside view

Outside view

All lit up

All lit up

Fix’d up a Nano Small Stone

New Pedal Day!  I got a good deal on my phaser because the DC jack didn’t work.  Pedal still functioned with a 9v battery so it was a piece of cake to put in an alternative DC jack that connects directly to the battery terminal.  Thanks to General Guitar Gadgets for the inspiration and the how-to.

The right way to DIY tap tempo

Just because of all the places I’m finding on the net that have people using Radio Shack bought SPST-NO switches and getting undesirable results from their DIY Tap Tempo switches I made this video.  Hopefully more people will be aware of this issue.

Bonus sneak peek of my new pedal board, full details and photos coming probably in my next blog post.

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