Meatball clone is done!!!

I’m so glad to have this project finished.  Sounds great so far, although I can’t get the expression pedals to work quite right and I haven’t tried it with bassoon yet.



on the board

hand drawn



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  1. Richard

     /  June 3, 2009

    waow! You’re the man! I am interested for one of this. Can you contact me?

    • trentjacobs

       /  June 3, 2009

      I’ve vastly improved my build of these as well, using better caps and pots and putting it in a smaller enclosure that’s much more neatly wired up.

      I kind of view this one pictured as a kind of prototype. I make a much better one now. See the newer post on “Chopped Liver”. I’ve sold two already, both to happy customers. $200.

      Will send you an email.

  2. Congratulations

    This is a good pedal,very nice.
    Yo soy de Chile y me gusta esto del Diy, veo que hicistes un buen trabajo con el Meatball.

    best regards.


  3. hi, how does it work with the basoon?
    i need somethging to work with trumpet…

    • Works great with bassoon, and I expect it would be fantastic with trumpet as well. If you can find a used Meatball, definitely check it out.


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