Adding more keys to my bassoon

After careful consideration, I decided I wanted to add a right hand Eb trill and offset the C# trill on my bassoon. I had Eric Anderson at Midwest Musical Imports again do the work. We used Fox key castings and posts and had the plating done at Brinkman’s Silver Plating in St. Paul. Some components, as always had to be made specifically for these keys. Here’s a gallery of the entire process! (more…)

Two new (?) trill fingerings for bassoon

Alternate title: additional uses for those extra trill keys. You need a left hand Eb trill key for the first one to work and a standard thumb Ab-Bb trill key for the second one to work.

High C to high D is a plague for many players. I found a trill fingering that works very well. Requires some pretty good air support to keep the D from cracking but you know, it’s a high D, so there’s that. Trill the keys in blue.


C5-D5 trill

And another one that I couldn’t find a trill fingering I was particularly happy with anywhere, but this seems to work really well.



The Japanese Beetles

Sat in with this pretty killer band a couple weeks ago. Laying some electric bassoon goodness on top of their great sound. Check it out.


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