Review of new bassoon case: MB-2 by Marcus Bonna

I had grown unhappy with my BAM high-tech bassoon case and finally saw another case on the market that I thought would actually be an improvement. I like it better, although I still don’t think the perfect bassoon case yet exists. Nobody really has the best bocal storage I can imagine, and I still can’t keep both my hand crutch and balance hanger attached while the instrument is stored. Still, this case offers flexible bocal storage, a generously sized sheet music pouch, and a compact size with interesting and compact internal layout. View the entire video review here.


Two new (?) trill fingerings for bassoon

Alternate title: additional uses for those extra trill keys. You need a left hand Eb trill key for the first one to work and a standard thumb Ab-Bb trill key for the second one to work.

High C to high D is a plague for many players. I found a trill fingering that works very well. Requires some pretty good air support to keep the D from cracking but you know, it’s a high D, so there’s that. Trill the keys in blue.


C5-D5 trill

And another one that I couldn’t find a trill fingering I was particularly happy with anywhere, but this seems to work really well.



Brahms Violin Concerto

The The adagio movement 2nd bassoon part of the violin concerto is almost always on every audition for any position, principal or not. Part of the key to playing this right is making a musical partner with the oboe. Even having played this in concert I still find that I don’t have the oboe part in my head well enough, so I made a score rendition of the 2nd bassoon part along with the oboe solo. Probably handy for oboe players too, to see what is happening underneath with harmonic implications.

So here it is: Brahms Violin Concerto Excerpt with oboe

Penazzi audio is back!

I happened to find my original recordings I made of the Penazzi book records.  Sorry this was so long in returning, and I now have them on a space that won’t disappear when I change service providers.