Review of new bassoon case: MB-2 by Marcus Bonna

I had grown unhappy with my BAM high-tech bassoon case and finally saw another case on the market that I thought would actually be an improvement. I like it better, although I still don’t think the perfect bassoon case yet exists. Nobody really has the best bocal storage I can imagine, and I still can’t keep both my hand crutch and balance hanger attached while the instrument is stored. Still, this case offers flexible bocal storage, a generously sized sheet music pouch, and a compact size with interesting and compact internal layout. View the entire video review here.

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  1. Jiday

     /  April 14, 2019

    Not directly related to the video, but can you fit the balance hanger yourself, or does a repairman need to drill some hole?

    • Most instrument manufacturers make balance hangers that need modifications to the bassoon itself to fit properly. Drill a hole for the support pin, and maybe also change the original neck strap ring (as is the case with my Moosmann). If you get one of the balance hangers from Mark Ortwein they don’t require any modification to your existing instrument.


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