Going au naturale

Several conversations with Paul Hanson and one nice little chit-chat with a really excellent sound technician at SubCulture, I have devised a plan for a complicated but I think reliable microphone setup that will amplify the bassoon well, with some amount of isolation, a balanced sound through the register, and maintain the natural quality of the bassoon sound. What follows below is mostly an email sent in private to a few colleagues, that I’m now sharing more publicly. As far as I know nobody has tried doing this yet, so if you read this and have a chance to give it a shot, I’d love to hear how it works in practice and not just theory. (more…)

My custom shaper is now available from Fox

After several months of waiting, this October saw the delivery of the first of the Jacobs straight shaper from Fox. I’ve compared this to the original shaper that I had designed and made and the Fox dimensions match excellently. I’m very happy with the results and I’m hopeful that many bassoonists for years are able to make reeds with this shape.

In stock at Midwest Musical Imports

Detail of shape diagram: Jacobs TF Shaper

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