New toys coming!

I sold my old jazz guitar and my ME-50B.  Gone.  Buh-bye.  Turned right around and bought a HOG and a Frequency Analyzer.

New board pics up soon, audio surely as well.

Update:  grr… I placed my order on Sunday and they still havne’t shipped now that it’s Thursday the next weekend.  It’s what I get for ordering from a place with a good price but no stock!  Oh well, I have prelims next week, so I really should focus on that anyway.  (so scared for these)

Further Update:  Will get the pedals (not the power supply strangely enough) on Monday!  Perfect timing!

Also bought, used, a Devi Ever “Bit” as my second distortion / synth effect pedal.

Fix’d up a Nano Small Stone

New Pedal Day!  I got a good deal on my phaser because the DC jack didn’t work.  Pedal still functioned with a 9v battery so it was a piece of cake to put in an alternative DC jack that connects directly to the battery terminal.  Thanks to General Guitar Gadgets for the inspiration and the how-to.

New pedalboard

So I decided I learned quite a bit from making my first pedalboard, just in terms of layout and planning.  I also learned quite a bit after looking at the forums of Hamony Central about what people do to keep a nice, clean looking board.


The right way to DIY tap tempo

Just because of all the places I’m finding on the net that have people using Radio Shack bought SPST-NO switches and getting undesirable results from their DIY Tap Tempo switches I made this video.  Hopefully more people will be aware of this issue.

Bonus sneak peek of my new pedal board, full details and photos coming probably in my next blog post.

Maurice Allard plays Jolivet, conducted by Jolivet!

This is a classic recording.  This was recorded in 1967.  This is taken off of the original record – MHS 1405 – rather than the re-issue LP because the quality of that record was better.  The full personnell for the recording:

Maurice Allard, bsn; Annie d’Arco, pno; Suzanne Cotelle, hp; P.F. Paillard Chamber Orchestra conducted by Andre Jolivet.

Digitized by my Zoom H4 into .wav, then edited in Audacity under Linux to remove some clicks and pops and split the two tracks.

This has been officially remastered on CD, but it’s a rare find.

Edit: I’ve fixed the links and put the files on a new server, so there is a listenable file now if you follow the fancy links.

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