The Little-Jake on Clarinet!

Dan playing his clarinet through a POG2 and a DOD440 clone and my Fender Power Chorus.  I drilled a hole in a spare plastic clarinet barrel and just tried it.  Sounds pretty good!

New pedalboard

So I decided I learned quite a bit from making my first pedalboard, just in terms of layout and planning.  I also learned quite a bit after looking at the forums of Hamony Central about what people do to keep a nice, clean looking board.


The right way to DIY tap tempo

Just because of all the places I’m finding on the net that have people using Radio Shack bought SPST-NO switches and getting undesirable results from their DIY Tap Tempo switches I made this video.  Hopefully more people will be aware of this issue.

Bonus sneak peek of my new pedal board, full details and photos coming probably in my next blog post.

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