New gear roundup


Into this:

Turn the bass down to 2 on the guiar amp and the treble down to 2 on the bass amp (high frequency horn off) and the sound is super huge, full range, loads of crushing bass when I want it from the HOG or the newest addition, the Pigtronix Mothership

Fun with Electro-Harmonix

Heavily modified my Frequency Analyzer to utilize a single installed jack to function as either an expression pedal input(without expression pedal in the FA is just as normal) or a Carrier In depending on the position of a switch.  The Carrier needs to be a line level, so I needed a boost circuit built into the pedal, so there’s a dial to control the amount of boost if needed from an instrument input.

So low and behold, the Frequency Analyzer with Selectable Expression Pedal or CV Input jack, toggle and pad to accommodate various CV input levels and automatic link of Input signal to Carrier.  With LED.


Video content

A looping video with me using just the HOG and two delay pedals.  Taken with my digital camera, so the quality is crap, but whatever.  It was fun.

New Pedal Day

Sold my Devi Ever Bit to a guy at C.V. Lloyd today and used the proceeds to buy a Micro Metal Muff.  The Bit just didn’t work with the bassoon, and after trying a few pedals out at the store the MMM was the most versitile and compatible with the bassoon.  Had some bad feedback in the store but not at home, so that’s good.Board as of 11-23-08

No sound clips with the MMM, but here’s some improvising using a lot of Frequency Analyzer.  I start with more effects and remove them for the most part throughout the improvising.  I used the Vox distortion at the beginning.  The echo is actually the Mod Filter setting on the delay pedal.

Micro Pog

Today I got to play on an Electro Harmonix Micro Pog at C.V. Lloyd Music Center in Champaign.  What a sweet little box!  I called them to see if they had a similar but more feature filled pedal by EHX in stock, but this was all they had.  They were nice enough to let me come in and try it out, knowing that I wasn’t going to be buying it right now, but just wanted to see how the tech worked with the bassoon.

This thing tracked so well, didn’t glitch at all like my ME-50B does on octaves.  It followed the whole range of the bassoon all the way down to low Bb, which almost never works on what I have now.  It even gave me multiphonics doubled at the octave!  Three octaves of a bassoon multiphonic is a trippy sound, let me tell you.

They loved it.  One of the guys working there came over and said “pardon my French, but that is f*&#$ awesome!”  They may get a Hog – that’s the pedal I’m really interested in – in at some point and they’ll call me to let me try that out if it comes in.  I was impressed that they were willing to get it in stock, even when I told them up front that I might not be able to buy it until Christmas time, if I’m lucky.  Good guys that worked there.

There was also a cute beagle wandering around the store.  Apparently it belongs to the grandmother of one of the guys that works there, and he was watching it for her.

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