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A looping video with me using just the HOG and two delay pedals.  Taken with my digital camera, so the quality is crap, but whatever.  It was fun.

A couple of noodlings

Don Belt wanted some clips of me using the HOG and the Metal Muff.  So I made some.  First clip is some looping I did.  Some Frequency Analzyer and the Noisebox in the background, later some Vox distortion.  The soloing is with various stuff, lots of HOG use and the DFW that Don made for me.  I couldn’t get the delay setting to be at the right tempo for the second half, so it’s not a really solid groove – sorry, I was doing it on the fly.  The second one is just a few tidbits of some speed metal kind of stuff.  My double-tonguing was far from perfect, so luckily the distortion covers a lot up!  Should be good for a laugh anyway.

The last 10 seconds of the second one are quite a little trip.  🙂


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