Why 116mm?

As I announce the availability of GSP cane for sale, I should clarify why my cane is the somewhat unusual length of 116mm.

Most commercially available bassoon cane is sold at 120mm length, with a 30mm profiled length and a 30mm tube. When I designed my shape, I wanted to have to clip less off of the tip of the reed and still have a 56mm long overall reed, without too much tube length.

This is not without precedent. Many reed makers (Danzi, and Versiglia come to mind) trim 2mm off the end of the tube before forming the reed. I cut this step out of the process for you.

My suggested wire measurements for this shape are: 32mm from the fold, 40mm from the fold, and 4.5mm from the end of the tube. I highly encourage beveling the tube end, at least the last 7-10mm of the tube. The shape was designed with beveling in mind.GSP

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