Two announcements:

I am very happy to announce that I have accepted a position as bassoon professor at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire. (My official title is “Lecturer” because that’s what part-time faculty are called.) This fall semester I am also teaching two sessions of Aural Theory, a course I haven’t really thought much of since my days at Lawrence, but Donna DiBella drilled us in solfege so much that I still think in it most of the time I hear music. I’m very excited to teach my first collegiate bassoon studio, although I’m not so excited about an hour and a half commute. It’ll be worth it.

Second, I have purchased a Popkin profiler and shaper and have just completed the first three prototypes of a new reed design that I will make along side my “Weasel” reed. Probably available before the end of September, these are the “Pop Goes The Weasel” reed. These reeds have a completely different profile, shape, length dimension, and constructed differently. The result is a different sound and response (mostly sound). So far the results are extremely promising.

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