My new pedal board

Made from a piece of plywood (cut at Lowe’s), some cheap cabinet handles, rubber stoppers for feet, and velcro.  Gets the job done so that I don’t have quite so much little stuff to deal with – it just stays together.  I had the board cut to fit a nylon keyboard case I’ve had since I was 12 or so.  Eventually I’ll build something substantial, covered in carpet instead of patches of velcro, and with the power strip and maybe a DI box tucked inside a second layer or something (after I get a few other pedals).  The little box on the lower right is a home made version of the Boss FS-6.  I have it plugged into the ME-50B.  I’m going to make a single button version to sit next to the Loop Station to work with that.  Radio Shack was out of the project box that I was planning on using…

I need to simplify the power situation.  I don’t really need three wall warts, I can daisy chain one of those supplies, I just need the daisy chain.

I have the Vox Distortion Booster set at the front of the chain to make a crazy synth sound with the Wah if I want.  It’s not the best pedal for that purpose, but it’s what I have.  It feeds back a lot since it comes before the Noise Supressor.  Oh well.  I need to make some right angle cables cut to the right length too, since the standard guitar patch cables I have are far too long.

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