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I don’t know why I keep using this performance of these miniatures.  I guess because it’s unaccompanied, and since nobody knows it I can’t get too much flack for my interpretation (except from the composer!).  But anyway, I got the  DVD of this recital from my mom today, so I upped the video of this part to youtube.  In all it’s audio glory.

David Basden’s “Seven Miniatures for Bassoon”

I also got a bit of an idea to do a tango with my looping equipment, so I did Libertango a la electric bassoon.  It works well, although I haven’t figured out how to end it yet.  The ending on this was more or less a mistake that I just kinda ran with.

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  1. jantango

     /  January 18, 2009

    I enjoyed listening to your recital. I’m a former oboist from Chicago living a simple life in Buenos Aires where I am immersed in tango music.


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