Recital announcement

I will be presenting my dissertation on Elements of Jazz in Bassoon Repertoire in final defense on Tuesday, November 30 at 9am in the music building at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Sitting committee members are Timothy McGovern, Gabriel Solis, Philipp Blume and Erik Lund.

On the following Saturday, December 4 at 5pm in Smith hall room 25 I will be presenting works from the paper in a recital.  The program is:

Alec Wilder, Sonata No. 2 for Bassoon and Piano

Andre Previn, Sonata for Bassoon and Piano

Bill Douglas, Raga Todi Blues from the Partita for Bassoon and Piano

Jui-Chen Huang, piano

Henry Mancini, Piece for Jazz Bassoon and Orchestra

arr. Trent Jacobs for bassoon and jazz quartet

Robert Branch, Guided Awakenings

Lara Driscoll, piano with the Bassoonarific Band

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  1. Cool program! How’d you manage to get your hands on a score of the Mancini? I’ve been looking for it for awhile, but to no avail.

    Also, it looks like we’ve been working on two facets of the same topic. My dissertation, which was approved in May, is a history and discography of the bassoon in jazz. Good luck with your defense!

    • trentjacobs

       /  November 4, 2010

      Hey Dave!
      Yeah, I saw your recent recital program on your blog. If you want to check some of my primary sources for your project you’re more than welcome. I recorded several interviews with prominent players and composers that might be useful for you. I have very dirty transcriptions of them as well.
      As for the Mancini… let’s just say I have special connections. We can talk more about that in a less public fashion.

      I’ll send you a score for the Robert Branch piece, which I had written for me for this project. It’s really cool, and I think you’ll like it.

  2. Congratulations and good luck on your defense and recital! Post recordings from your recital, if you can.


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