Custom crutches

I’m a convert.

For years of not using a right hand rest I finally had a conversation with Chris Schaub that convinced me to switch to using one. But I can’t be too simple. I used the rest that came with my Moosmann for a while, but then got thinking about more ergonomic designs. I had Eric Anderson at Midwest Musical Imports carve me a crutch to my specifications using a clay mold as an idea. That first crutch now belongs to Lecolion Washington and I have #2. Which looks like this:

I’ve trimmed it down a bit, but Eric has continued improving on the design and has sold a few to some others. I’ll post pictures of the new one once the pin is put in place.


The whole point of the crutch is to allow the instrument to be controlled by your hand farther away from the joints of your fingers. My technique improved in my right hand dramatically as soon as I switched to a standard crutch, and these are even better. The control point is shifted to the center of your palm, as far away from your finger joints as you’re really going to get.

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  1. barbara mooney

     /  January 20, 2015

    I have a very small hand so often a problem sliding to Gsharp/front Fsharp, would this hand rest help?

    • It might, although the crutch pictured in this post would be too large for you probably. Eric has made several that are quite small and thin but maintain the same kind of contour so it fits inside the hand properly.

      I should point out that I don’t use this pictured crutch anymore, he made another one later that I currently use.

  2. Michael

     /  July 24, 2019

    Thank You !!!

  3. Özgün Demir

     /  November 4, 2020

    I’m making custom crutches for bassoonists with very affordable prices, they are quite favored in Turkey, and I started making them for people in other countries too. I have my special shape but can also make any design according to the customers taste. Here check my ig account for some of the photos guys. Take care.


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