Theater music for unaccompanied bassoon

In the spring of 2011 I performed the solo bassoon score to the one-man play on the life of Clarence Darrow by playwright Gary Anderson called “Naked Darrow”. The premier was held at Park Square Theater in St. Paul, MN. We recorded the musical figures at The Terrarium in Minneapolis in April 2013. These three excerpts from the play show the interaction between the text and the music written by Richard McKinney.
Naked Darrow will be performed off-Broadway in New York in 2013.

The first excerpt:
Darrow, after reminiscing about a past trial, is overcome with a bout of dementia.
The second excerpt:
Darrow remembers seeing a man executed in a public hanging as a child.
The third excerpt:
Darrow reacts to seeing a glimpse of humanity in two serial killer clients and worries about the consequences of public viewing of death penalty trials.

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