K1X Rumberger Telex Pickup Fitting To Your Instrument at Howarth of London

It’s a bit more expensive than mine, but might provide some different sound opportunities. Looks like the mounting interface is similar to the Telex, but in reverse (the O-Ring is on the pickup not the adapter). Not quite as secure for bassoon use I suppose, although it’s probably fine for clarinet. There are a few other things like this out there, marketed to Klezmer or related clarinet players. Looks good though, a bit bulky. XLR though? Phantom power? For a piezo pickup that’s kinda weird.

Howarth of London

Sound production at Howarth of London is expanding even further with our ability to provide audio solutions for your woodwind instruments in a variety of different forms.

We are able to supply and fit pick-ups to your instrument, enabling you to amplify your sound in environments where musicians would normally find it difficult to be heard amongst electronic instruments. Our Audio Solutions Specialist – Philip Evans has written an article on the problems that musicians face when amplifying themselves. Please feel free to view it here:

Philip Evans – Woodwind Instrument Sound Reinforcement Problems and Pick up Microphones

We have been successful in fitting these pick-ups to saxophones and clarinets resulting in positive feedback from customers. This method of amplification is compact, easy to use and convenient for varying performance scenarios such as: loud electronic environments and electro-acoustic compositions.

“Pick up microphones:

Sometimes known as ‘piezoelectric’ microphones are different as…

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  1. edwin derde

     /  December 15, 2015

    I drilled a hole in my wingjoint and put the Rumberger mic inside, great result!


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