Reed Making: How I do it 2.0

This video details the process of my reed making as it stands today. Some updated methods and equipment from my group of posts from a few years ago (located here). No high resolution pictures this time, just the video. But there is a link to a sped up version with some jammin’ music if you don’t want to watch me make a bassoon reed for 30 minutes.

Video Description:
This is not a How-To guide for how I make my reeds. There are many resources available for information on how to use a cane processing tools like shapers and profilers, and many guides for dozens of ways to make blanks, and even more guides for testing procedures and reed finishing strategies. I’m not going to really talk about any of that here.

What this is, is a walkthrough of me making a reed, from beginning to end, without any steps left out, and to do it all in real-time. I do this so you can see the process done by an expert reed maker that makes and sells many reeds every month.

I’m happy to answer any questions about any stage of my reed making process.

Key equipment:
Argendonax gouged cane
Custom straight shaper
MD Reeds Profiler
Rieger forming mandrel
22g brass wire
Cotton thread and Duco cement
Rieger drying rack
Rieger spiral and diamond reamers
Rieger rotating tip cutter
Rimpl tip profiler (The “Ultimate” Reed Finishing matchine)
Big beveled knife (made from a multi-purpose tool handle and a jointer knife blade)
Triangular swiss file
Cutting block

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  1. Awesome, I am having my students watch this. Thanks, Trent.


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