A video from a recital

So that recital I put on in September… I finally got the quality sound files edited and mixed, and have combined them with the video of the performance for a few of the works. The entire recital is available on bandcamp, but here are videos from the live performance.

Graeme Shields is a composer that recently (as of the time of this post) completed his bachelor’s degree in composition from the University of Minnesota, Duluth. Trevor Cramer turned me on to this piece of his that makes good use of jazz idioms in a kind of suite format. The piece is very fresh, only written in 2012. I hope it catches on as it’s a real fun one to put together and people really dig it.


In addition to the very new works on the program, this was, by comparison, the classic work that I performed. I first played the Arnold Cooke sonata as a junior at Lawrence University and have wanted to program it again. I think it’s a very nice addition to our rep, and it should get played more frequently. Very audience friendly, very British. I have the three movements split into separate videos, here is the playlist:

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