New digs, office, pandemic related school year, online teaching, and more!

The month of August was a busy one for me. We sold our home in Columbia Heights (Minneapolis) and finally made the move to Eau Claire so I can be closer to my teaching duties. Of course, all of my teaching duties are now all online, as are the classes for my daughter in her new school. My new home office isn’t as large or as dedicated, but we got some better space for the kids to play, and a lovely corner in our living room for musical activities (and is the new home for my bassoon lamp).

So with that said, there was some delay on a few reed orders, and my label printer didn’t survive the move (although the print shop that tried to repair but couldn’t has a replacement for me at a reasonable price). Thank you for those of you that ordered between August 15 and September 1 for your patience.

If anyone happens to read this and is in need of bassoon lessons, hit me up for some online lessons.

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