The right way to DIY tap tempo

Just because of all the places I’m finding on the net that have people using Radio Shack bought SPST-NO switches and getting undesirable results from their DIY Tap Tempo switches I made this video.  Hopefully more people will be aware of this issue.

Bonus sneak peek of my new pedal board, full details and photos coming probably in my next blog post.

Electric Bassoon strategies part 2

Notice:  Sorry, some of the audio clips got cut off in the encoding process and I didn’t notice until I had already deleted my original files.  You get the idea anyway.  Moving on:

Things have come a long way since my last post.  I did a little house cleaning of the thread and the first post’s links have now been fixed.  I have more or less completed designing my new pickup, and have had a chance to show it to a few important individuals that approve of it and say it has potential greater than the Telex.  If things go well expect it to be available at Forrests as an option to go along with the Telex.


Electric Bassoon strategies

This is a cross-post of my writings at the IDRS forum on methods of amplying the bassoon.  Seemed like a good way to get my blog rolling.  Then I’ll post some hotly political stuff later.